THe TVI Express Compensation plan in Plain English

Published: 09th October 2009
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TVI Express Compensation Plan can be a little difficult to understand! Members enjoy immediate benefits while cycling through a system of boards. There are four ways to generate income and members can receive 72 percent of the sales revenue, paid out on a matrix commission plan. This unique compensation plan allows their members to earn weekly and monthly income.

So, here's how it works''

Traveler Board Cycle

When a member joins the TVI Express they are ranked as an Associate. Upon a paid membership, and with the subsequent sponsorship of two members, a member will be qualified to cycle out of the board as they seek progression through the compensation plan. The Traveller Board is a cycle with 4 levels that have set requirements to be filled to reach the Express Board. As each level of completion is acquired and memberships grow with sponsors and fill each level below them, a member then progresses onto the next level, until finally reaching level 4. Upon level 4, a member then can then exit out of the Traveller board, and be rewarded with earnings that double their initial investment. The Traveller board payout is a combination of the initial investment of $250, and an evoucher with a value of $250. At this point, the Associate member will have earned $500 and the rank of Silver Associate. They can now progress onto the first level of the Express board, and continue the cycle.

Express Board Cycle

The Express board cycle is comprised of 4 levels and a member's commission increases with each level and each rank achieved. As the sponsored members in turn reaches out and sponsors other members in a down-line, it creates residual income. As the member reaches and achieves each level, they earn a percentage of the matrix commissions. A member earns 5 percent of group sales, when they first cycle out of the Express Board and become a Gold Associate. When a member's two down-line sponsors reach the same 5 percent level, the member moves on to a Diamond Associate, and receive an upgraded commission of 7 percent. This process is repeated until the member reaches their 10 percent bonus, as their down-line continues to multiply. This opens up the power pool part of the membership, and allows for earning lifetime royalties from the Global Revenue of the company. Upon the completion of the 4 levels of the Express board, the member receives $15000 and a re-entry position into the Express Board.
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